Profile Pharma: Who We Are

Profile Pharma is a specialist pharmaceutical company, recognised for its expertise in treating patients with complex respiratory conditions, rare diseases and severe infections. We are committed to providing innovative solutions to improve quality of life for the patients we treat. We believe in making a difference today, for a better tomorrow.

In June 2013, Profile Pharma Ltd was acquired by Zambon, an Italian family business that has operated for over 100 years in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

"With this advance, Zambon is acquiring relevant experience in the field of cystic fibrosis and in the use of modern devices to administer drugs. The strength of our achievements in the field of respiratory illnesses and the quality of our products, developed over decades of R&D, are the assets that will ensure our future growth".

M. Castorina. CEO of Zambon Pharma



Profile Pharma retains its focus on specialist care, and its vision of improved quality of life for patients with rare or difficult to treat illnesses.

We are proud to be a subsidiary of Zambon SpA.

Profile Pharma is a subsidiary of Zambon